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An Open Letter To Larry King From Terence T. Gorski

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Published On: July 3, 2001          Updated On: August 07, 2001
© Terence T. Gorski, 2001

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On Tuesday, July 3, 2001 Larry King Live interviewed a panel of people recovering from addiction.  His guests included: Former Texas Governor Ann Richards, actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis, NFL announcer Pat Summerall, and the Chairman and President of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University Joseph Califano among others.

This show covered a broad spectrum of issues related to addiction.  I strongly support Larry King in giving a public voice and human face to the addiction problem.  I hope, however, that he will dig deeper and find the true story – the conflict between two opposing public policies.

Here is an open letter that I wrote to Larry King.  Please share your ideas with him and his producers at 

An Open Letter To Larry King
From Terence T. Gorski

Dear Larry,

Two million people are in prison today - and two million is too many.  At least 250,000 (25% of all prisoners) are there for possession and personal use of drugs.  Another 500,000 (50%) are there because they committed crimes to support their addiction.  Less than 12% will receive treatment.  Most will be incarcerated for over seven years. 

I believe that your show on addiction was good - but it could have been excellent if it had been more balanced.   It is important for celebrities to publicly acknowledge their addiction.  It is also important for advocates of the addicts who are poor and under-privileged to be represented.

Currently America's approach to addicts and addiction is governed by a War On Drugs Policy.  This War on Drugs Policy is based upon the belief that drugs are bad and addicts are criminals who deserve to be punished.

The debate over addiction needs to focus on whether this War On Drugs Policy is good for the nation or if we should return to a Public Health Addiction Policy based upon the belief that addiction is a biopsychosocial disease; alcohol and other drugs activate that disease in genetically susceptible people; addicts need prevention, early intervention, and treatment programs; and the role of the criminal justice system should be to interrupt the pattern of addiction when laws are broken and deliver no-nonsense treatment that works preferably in community based treatment programs.

Please check-out my website for more information.  I've been training addiction therapists for over thirty years.  The relapse prevention methods I've developed are used in most treatment programs including the Betty Ford Center, The Caron Foundation, and Father Martin's Ashley as well as most Department of Corrections Programs around the United States. 

The War on Drugs has become more dangerous to addicted people, their families, and their communities than the drug addiction that it is supposedly designed to combat.

Thank you for taking a strong lead in opening a national discussion and debate. 

If I can be of any help, please don't hesitate to call upon me.


Terence T. Gorski

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Terence T. Gorski is internationally recognized for his contributions to Relapse Prevention Therapy. The scope of his work, however, extends far beyond this. A skilled cognitive behavioral therapist with extensive training in experiential therapies, Gorski has broad-based experience and expertise in the chemical dependency, behavioral health, and criminal justice fields.

To make his ideas and methods more available, Gorski opened The CENAPS Corporation, a private training and consultation firm of founded in 1982.  CENAPS is committed to providing the most advanced training and consultation in the chemical dependency and behavioral health fields.

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Mr. Gorski holds a B.A. degree in psychology and sociology from Northeastern Illinois University and an M.A. degree from Webster's College in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is a Senior Certified Addiction Counselor In Illinois.  He is a prolific author who has published numerous books, pamphlets and articles.  Mr. Gorski routinely makes himself available for interviews, public presentations, and consultant.  He has presented lectures and conducted workshops in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  

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