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Marijuana - Things You Should Know

An Article By Terence T. Gorski
GORSKI-CENAPS Web Publications
Published On: December 18, 2001          Updated On: December 18, 2001
© Terence T. Gorski, 2001

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Marijuana - Things You Should Know

Here's some information for those who mistaken believe that it's safe to use marijuana:  If your making a decision about whether or not to use marijuana, consider the following:

There are serious threats posed by regular (more than twice per month) and heavy use (more than two joints per episode of use) of marijuana.  Here are some of them.  

1.     Marijuana is a mind-altering (psychoactive) drug that changes mood, emotion and impairs the ability to think clearly, logically, and rationally.  

2.     The mood altering effects occur because THC, the main psychoactive chemical component of marijuana, alters brain chemistry.  

3.     Marijuana is addictive.  Research is showing that THC is addictive in lab animals. There have been numerous documented reports of regular and heavy marijuana users experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop using.

4.     Getting high on marijuana makes it more difficult to developing complicated thought processes, manage strong feelings and emotions, develop social skills, and cope with emerging sexual feelings.  

5.     The regular and heavy use of marijuana can cause problems in learning, that include ...

trouble with thinking and problem solving, 

difficulty remembering things, 

difficulties managing feelings and emotions (the tendency to emotionally overreact or to become emotionally numb).

difficulty paying attention and concentrating, 

loosing the desire to study or learn new things. 

6.     Marijuana use can hurt athletic performance because many regular and heavy users experience ...

slowed reaction time, 

problems with hand to eye coordination, 

problems with balance and 

difficulty learning the physical skills associated with most sports. 

7.     The regular and heavy use of marijuana interferes with brain development in young kids and adolescents.  

8.     The most common things experienced by heavy and regular marijuana users are:  

feeling apathetic, bored, and spaced out; 

fascination with things other people consider to be dumb, silly, or stupid;

a strong desire to stop trying things, withdraw, and drop out.

9.     Marijuana users tend to avoid and criticize anyone who doesn't like to smoke marijuana.  They only listen to and believe other people who smoke marijuana, drink, and use other drugs.

10.  Nobody starts smoking marijuana to become a drug addict.  They start out of curiosity and because they believe that it's safe.  

11.  Although some people can use marijuana occasionally without becoming addicted or having serious problems, the regular and heavy use of marijuana almost always causes problems.  

12.   People who have problems because of marijuana use almost always like getting high so much that they slowly start using more often and more heavily.  They like to be around other people who drink and smoke marijuana so they develop friends who like to high.  It gets harder and harder stop getting high.  

13.     Once problems start to develop its difficult for most people to stop because:  

they have gotten in the habit of dealing with problems and bad feelings by getting high;  

they have forgotten or never learned other ways of coping and problem solving;  

they can't see that marijuana is causing problems because they have learned how to deny, rationalize, and blame their problems on other people and things.

14.     Marijuana produces carcinogens and other contaminates that are more harmful than those found in cigarettes.  As a result, the regular and heavy use of marijuana can cause coughing and wheezing, persistent chest colds, and can make cause asthma and make existing cases of asthma worse.  14.     Marijuana is illegal.  If you're caught in possession of it or using you you could get a lot of legal hassles including getting sent to court and jail.

15.    Because marijuana is illegal, you will probably get involved with some very nasty psychopathic type people who buy and sell it for a living.  Although about 70% of all marijuana sales are made from one friend to another, at some point heavy marijuana users end up dealing with criminals who end up stealing from or hurting them or family members.  

16.     It's much easier to stop using marijuana before you get into the habit of regular and heavy use.  

About the Author

Terence T. Gorski is internationally recognized for his contributions to Relapse Prevention Therapy. The scope of his work, however, extends far beyond this. A skilled cognitive behavioral therapist with extensive training in experiential therapies, Gorski has broad-based experience and expertise in the chemical dependency, behavioral health, and criminal justice fields.

To make his ideas and methods more available, Gorski opened The CENAPS Corporation, a private training and consultation firm of founded in 1982.  CENAPS is committed to providing the most advanced training and consultation in the chemical dependency and behavioral health fields.

Gorski has also developed skills training workshops and a series of low-cost book, workbooks, pamphlets, audio and videotapes. He also works with a team of trainers and consultants who can assist individuals and programs to utilize his ideas and methods.
Terry Gorski is available for personal and program consultation, lecturing, and clinical skills training workshops. He also routinely schedules workshops, executive briefings, and personal growth experiences for clinicians, program managers, and policymakers.

Mr. Gorski holds a B.A. degree in psychology and sociology from Northeastern Illinois University and an M.A. degree from Webster's College in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is a Senior Certified Addiction Counselor In Illinois.  He is a prolific author who has published numerous books, pamphlets and articles.  Mr. Gorski routinely makes himself available for interviews, public presentations, and consultant.  He has presented lectures and conducted workshops in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  

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