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Here's  the most recent updates on  the epidemiology of drugs of abuse.  I will lean heavily both on the news services and upon Dr. Joseph E. Troiani who will lend his expertise by publishing a series of articles of updating the trends in the abuse of specific drugs.


Meth Update 5-14-01

Here's an update on the effectiveness of the drug war on Methamphetamine Production.  As you read this article please note that methamphetamine production has not been cut by our war on drugs efforts, it has simply shifted geographical locations to evade enforcement efforts.  This is why the investment in supply reduction is not cost effective.  Investment in demand reduction through treatment is a  much better alternative

Physicians Divided On Medical Marijuana Use

A new national survey found that physicians are evenly divided on the issue of medical marijuana.  Read the details.

DEA Letter To ASAM Regarding Addiction Medicine Practice (Posted 04-13-01)

Read the letter from the DEA written to the American Society for Addiction Medicine discussing the use of pain medication by doctors practicing addiction medicine.  This letter and the new national offensive against prescription drug abuse raises a critical question:  Who should have the final authority to determine the medically appropriate use of prescription drugs - doctors or enforcement professionals? 

ONDCP Pulse Check:  Mid-Year 2000 (Posted 04-11-01)

The following is a mid-Year progress report on the effectiveness of the War On Drugs.  The report was developed by Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).  The information in this reports speaks for itself as to the effectiveness of our War On Drugs Policy and the need to look to a Public Health Addiction Policy as a more effective strategy for dealing with our national epidemic of drug addiction.

NIDA Prescription Drug Report (04-11-01)

NIDA reports that the nonmedical abuse of prescription drugs - especially opioids, central nervous system (CNS) depressants, and stimulants - remains a serious public health concern because when abused they can alter the brain's activity and lead to dependence and possibly addiction.  An estimated 4 million people aged 12 and older used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons in 1999; almost half of that number reported using prescription drugs nonmedically for the first time in the previous year. We would like to reverse this trend by increasing awareness and promoting additional research on this topic.  A recent national survey of primary care physicians reported that 46.6 percent of physicians find it difficult to discuss prescription drug abuse with their patients. (This is consistent with a growing trend to crack down on prescription drug abuse by expanding the failed War On Drugs Strategy into the control of prescription drug use.)

OxyContin Update (03-12-01): News Analysis By Terence T. Gorski

Check out this analysis of today's Associated Press news release on OxyContin Abuse and Addiction.  Be sure to note the heavy role of drug enforcement and the absence of drug treatment representation.

The Date Rape Drug (GHB) Revisited (03-11-01): A Drug Update By Joseph E. Troiani, Ph.D.

Get the most recent information on the controversial date-rape drug GHB from Dr. Troiani, A CENAPS Consultant, mental Health & Addiction Program Manager, and naval intelligence officer specializing in drug trafficking and antis-terrorism operations.

Drug Update:  Heroin The Scourge Continues (03-11-01): A Drug Update By Joseph E. Troiani, Ph.D.

Get the most recent information about the growth in heroine use from  from Dr. Troiani, A CENAPS Consultant, mental Health & Addiction Program Manager, and naval intelligence officer specializing in drug trafficking and antis-terrorism operations .  New and stronger heroine is hitting the streets at some of the lowest prices yet.  Expect to seeing growing number of emergency room visits and treatment program admissions for problems related to heroine addiction.

Thailand Has A Major Drug Abuse Crisis (03-11-01) News Analysis By Terence T. Gorski

The Thailand Government is developing plans to intensify their war on a drugs as the result of growing problems with addiction and drug dealing.  The plan will involve supply reduction with the use of military and police tactics.  Demand reduction with prevention and treatment efforts was not discussed.  There were no representatives of prevention or treatment at the meeting.

OxyContin Abuse (03-02-01): A News Analysis by Terence T. Gorski

There are growing indicators that the prescription narcotic OxyContin, usually prescribed to cancer patients, is being abused in small communities in five rural states.  The drug is injected and reportedly gives a heroine-like high.  It has a high risk of death by overdose. 


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