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Video's On The Criminal Justice System
Court TV Provides Some Excellent Shows Available On Video 
That Illustrate Some Important Issues About The Criminal Justice System
Here Are A Few That I think Are Worth viewing
You can call 1-800-888-4580 For Information

Clicking on the links to each film will take you to the main page of The System, the Court TV Show producing the episodes.  Click on the drop-down menu entitled TO PURCHASE PAST EPISODES and select the sub menu with the first letter of the video you are interested in.

VIRUS OF VIOLENCE ­ Lt. Col. David Grossman, one of the nation's foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime, believes children have become increasingly desensitized to violence through video games. He believes this is the cause for the alarming outbreaks of school shootings across the country. Renowned Hollywood actor and social activist Martin Sheen explores Grossman's theory. (9/99)
MAXIMUM SECURITY ­ They crawl through prison heating ducts to eavesdrop on hardened cons. They interrogate violent felons, and threaten them with time in a solitary confinement unit so tightly secured it's considered one step away from hell. Maximum Security takes viewers behind t he walls of Massachusetts' Walpole Penitentiary, following a team of Corrections Officers whose task is to investigate crime among the state's most dangerous offenders. (6/99) CHRONIC CROOKS ­ 10% of the populations is committing 90% of the crime-it seems like a good reason for police to target repeat offenders. But are they violating the criminals' rights? Do we care? Court TV examines the recidivism phenomena, including some of the laws created in response to Megan's Law. (4/00)
CRIMINALLY INSANE ­ This show takes viewers on an unprecedented journey through the Clifton T. Perkins hospital in Jessup, Maryland, a maximum-security institution for the criminally insane. All the patients at Perkins have been found not guilty by reason of insanity and virtually all have committed extremely violent crimes. (3/99) CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT ­ Brutal beatings, endless lockdowns, fatal shootings and faulty electric chairs. This unflinching documentary examines the sanctioned and unsanctioned abuses inside our penal system and asks the question: When does a criminal become a helpless victim? (3/00) 
FENTRESS v. ELI LILLY & CO., et al. - Prozac on Trial
Joseph Wesbecker, a manic depressive on Prozac, returned to the printing plant from which he was on disability leave, shot and killed eight co­workers, wounded 12 others and then killed himself. Five years later, victims and relatives sue Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of Prozac, for product liability. (8/95)
FLORIDA v. MARTINEZ­GARCIA - The AIDS Underground: Breaking the Law for the Greater Good?
A Florida man is accused of illegally dispensing AZT and pain­killers to help AIDS sufferers. Alfredo Martinez­Garcia, who made no money from dispensing the drugs, says he was trying to help AIDS sufferers who were too poor to buy AZT. (3/93) [NOT AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE]
FLORIDA v. NEWTON & NEWTON - Kids and Guns ­ Who's Responsible?
Ernest and Mona Newton are held criminally responsible after their three­year old son found a loaded gun in their house and shot his two-year-old sister to death. (12/92)
FLORIDA v. TEMPLE - Tough Love or Child Abuse?
Dade County State Corrections Deputy Officer Veronica Temple, 38, beat up her 13-year-old son after handcuffing and gagging him in their home. He was grounded after she caught him on the phone while he was suspended from school. The defense contended this was a case of tough love. (1/99)
FORBIDDEN CARGO ­ Each year, the government spends billions of dollars trying to stop smugglers who transport illicit contraband across US borders. Yet the undeclared goods just keep on coming: drugs, animals, antiques, currency-even cigars. Why are we losing the costly border game, and is it worth the enormous price we're paying? (3/00) GUILTY...OR INSANE? ­ Can a person be "too crazy" to know right from wrong? This program takes a hard look at how the justice system deals with mentally ill offenders. Should they be judged by a different standard or held accountable and punished when they commit a crime? Is mental instability or temporary insanity an excuse for violent behavior? What should be done with offenders whose mental illness is beyond their control? [NOT AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE]
INSIDE THE CRIMINAL MIND I ­ This program allows you to become a "fly on the wall in the house of the deviant psyche" as they witness dramatic therapy sessions and intimate confessions from incarcerated men and women. (3/99) INSIDE THE CRIMINAL MIND II ­ Sullivan Correctional Facility is home to some of the most notorious criminals. Through New York State's Office of Mental Health and Department of Corrections, we journey inside Sullivan's highly touted ICP unit - Intermediate Care Program. ICP is a community within the prison community - a special residential treatment program for men who, for a variety of reasons, can't be held in the general prison population. (7/99)
INSIDE THE CRIMINAL MIND III ­ The first stop in this amazing journey through the psyche of prisoners is Sing Sing Prison in New York. A storied place, Sing Sing houses some of the state's most violent offenders. At Rikers Island Jail, we see a group therapy session with inmates that are full of confrontational moments and compelling stories. (8/99) WRESTLING WITH DEATH ­ Are children dying to pull of the latest pro wrestling moves? Court TV investigates the tragic cases of kids injured and killed imitating their idols. Discover the real casualties of pro wrestling's explosive rise to the top of the ratings. (4/00)

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