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Special Focus:  Mental Health, Substance Abuse, & Terrorism

Mental Health, Addiction, & Terrorism

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Published On: September 12, 2001          Updated On: April 13, 2002
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On September 11, 2001 the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in Washington DC traumatized the nation.  All people responded in very intense ways to the unspeakable violence randomly inflicted upon innocent Americans.  For some, especially the surviving family members and emergency personnel, this intense reaction can become so severe that it requires treatment.

Although most counselors and therapists have heard about terrorism, they don't understand the deep psychological, social, and cultural reactions that the acts of terrorism are designed to accomplish.  As a result, they often fail to see the complex process of coping with an act of horrible terror.  The purpose of the following articles is to begin posting practical information and effective techniques for helping people whose response to terrorism causes so much pain and dysfunction that they need treatment.

The following Article

Police Stress04/24/2003
Psychic Wounds From 9-11-0101/21/2003
PTSD & Firefighters01/21/2003
Coping With Catastrophe Lessons Of 9-11 For Fire Fighters12/25/2002
New York Trauma Symptoms- One Year Latter (09-20-02)09/20/2002
Human Rights In the Aftermeth of Setpember 11th05/31/2002
The  Impact of September 11th on Manhattan Residents:  Participants Report Symptoms of  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression05/11/2002
Terrorism and Recovery - AlcoholMD Web Conference04/13/2002
PTSD Incidence After Terrorist Attacks04/13/2002
Public Health Strategies to Address Terrorist Threats04/03/2002
PTSD: Neurobiological Research04/02/2002
PTSD: Sleep Disturbances After 9-11 Attacks04/02/2002
On Killing03/19/2002
Stress & Alcohol Use - NIAAA Studies03/05/2002
PTSD and Problems with Alcohol Use03/04/2002
PTSD & Addiction - NIAAA Bibliography Of 03-02-0203/02/2002
PTSD - Acute Stress Disorder As A Predictor02/18/2002
Could Addicts Be Legally Defined As Terrorists?02/06/2002
PTSD Checklist Military Version02/04/2002
PTSD Checklist Civilian Version02/04/2002
PTSD & Moral Sanction02/03/2002
PTSD In Children & Adolescents02/01/2002
Stress & Drug Addiction - Studies Show Links - NIDA Report01/27/2002
Stress and Substance Abuse - A NIDA Special Report01/27/2002
PTSD - Biological Factors (01-27-02)01/26/2002
PTSD: Article (01-27-02)01/26/2002
PTSD - Reliving Trauma - NIMH Web Publication01/26/2002
USA PATRIOT Act - Analysis By EFF01/21/2002
Talking Points Bulletin #1: The Psychological Effects of Terrorism01/20/2002
Psychological Consequences:  Natural vs.Human Disaster - NCPTSD Literature Review01/20/2002
PTSD - Effects Of Stress On The Brain01/20/2002
Mental Health Aspects of Prolonged Combat Stress in Civilians01/19/2002
Psychological Aftermath of 9-11-01 - Scientific American01/19/2002
PTSD After 9-11-01 - A Literature Review 01-19-0201/19/2002
Psychological Effects Of Terrorism Can Affect Firefighter Performance01/14/2002
Human Damage of 9-11 Reaches Far Beyond New York01/14/2002
The USA PATRIOT Act - An Analysis By The ACLU01/12/2002
Executive Order For Military Tribunals01/12/2002
Dawning Of A New Day - Addiction Recovery In The Age Of Terrorism01/12/2002
Terrorist Attacks Averted Since September 11, 200101/07/2002
Summit MHSAT - Opening Remarks By Charles Curie12/29/2001
Preventing Afghan War Syndromes12/24/2001
High Alert For Terrorism Can Cause Stress-induced Problems12/23/2001
Drug, Alcohol Abuse Up Since 9-1112/21/2001
Terrorism & Increased Pain Problems12/20/2001
New York Times Reports Increase In Drinking Since September 11th12/20/2001
Psychological Shock Of September 11 - PEWS Research Report12/20/2001
Depression & Suicide After September 1112/19/2001
Terrorism Increases Demand For Drug & Alcohol Treatment12/19/2001
Bibliography - Managing Traumatic Stress12/19/2001
Coping With Terrorism - APA Guidelines12/19/2001
Exposure To Traumatic Death: The Nature Of The Stressor12/18/2001
Effects of Traumatic Stress12/18/2001
Criminal Enforcement Against Terrorism12/04/2001
Terrorist Attack Triggering PTSD in Recovering People09/17/2001
America Is Ready For War - But Is War The Right Thing To Do09/16/2001
Helping Children Handle Disaster-Related Anxiety09/15/2001
Terrorism - Helping Kids Cope09/13/2001
Terrorism - The Psychological Response09/13/2001
Terrorism - The Slaughter of Innocents AS A Political Strategy09/12/2001
Terrorism - The Slaughter of Innocents AS A Political Strategy09/12/2001


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